Photo of Lamborghini Countach Italtech GT

Lamborghini Countach Italtech GT

The Name Countach, Nothing To Do With Beauty

There are many different versions around the web of how the Lamborghini Countach got it’s name and they all center around the theme and the assumption that it’s used as an exclamation upon seeing a beautiful woman. Actually the name Countach has nothing to do with beauty but can be used for anything that has made a sudden surprising impact on a person on a personal level. Although I’m sure that it would get used for the sudden appearance of a beautiful woman, in general this accepted definition of the word usage and the accompanying story are simplified explanations and not the officially embraced one by the people of the Provincia Grande. The problem is the language itself. From town to town the Piemontese language breaks down into dialects that change significantly and often bares no resemblance in sound or writing, to it’s cousin right up the street. In Massimo’s native town of Boves the word for rabbit in his version of the language is Cuciu. Coo chu, and in Peveragno less than 3 miles away, the same word becomes Pérru, Pear ru. Yet both languages are considered Piemontese. So Countach is not a word that would be generally recognized by the entire population of a region and out of context, would only be understood by the residents of the tiny town of Vernante itself which leaves just a bit of a hole in the original story.

Another problem with this tale is that even if it were true that this word was used to exclaim the beauty of a woman and mostly used by men, they would have to been very old men as this word is from the 18th century and is only used by the (now) oldest generation of people alive who still speak the old Piemontese language.

“The story is that Ferruccio  Lamborghini was on his way to Monte Carlo via Limone Piemonte and stopped in a bar in Vernante for something to drink. Vernante is a  tiny town on the way to and before Limone/Pimonte.” Massimo describes the whole process of getting to Monaco from Limone. “After Limnon/Piemonte you cross the border at the top of the pass and go down the other side along the Roya into France where you get to Monico/Monte Carlo.., and there was this table in the bar with these old people playing cards and Ferruccio heard the people saying oh Countach, Countach and countach is an expression in our region which is close to where I’m from, that doesn’t mean anything it’s like saying on my god, oh my god, so something surprising happened while they were playing cards and they remarked on it. Around Cuneo and my region that’s what they say happened and how the car got it’s name.”

Photo Map of Vernante

Vernante Home of the Countash name

Do I believe that Lamborghini named his car thanks to a bunch of old guys playing cards in a bar in the small town of Vernante? Yes! Knowing how things go there a bit I find their unsubstantiated story a bit more believable than the beautiful woman thing, (I’ve heard all the exclamations for that!) and besides this is the story that any person from the Provincia di Cuneo (Provincia Grande) has grown up hearing including Massimo, and will retell with pride as they all claim the honor of the naming of the Lamborghini Countach for themselves, by association. So yes, the word countach after the instant mind’s image of a beautiful automobile, the exclamation OH MY GOD, or the more vulgar, HOLY SHIT comes to mind thanks to my husband and the people of and around Vernante and that’s the story I’m officially sticking with!


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We got up early this morning to attend the Cars and Coffee in Alisa Viejo, and boy was it a blast! We brought a Ferrari work in progress to show, but were surprised that almost every vehicle imagined was represented, from Fiat 500 to Rolls Royce! People were laid back and friendly as they sipped coffee and chatted about of course, cars, theirs and others. All the makes and models presented a perfect photo opportunity so we snapped quite a few shots; a riot of color and shape. We’ve uploaded what we saw, including our artistic attempts, so you could see them too! We love Cars and Coffee event in Aliso Viejo, (and anywhere else for that matter,) what a seriously cool way to spend a leisurely Saturday morning!

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