The Best Of Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo 2015-2016

Fun, playful car photos from some of the stunning automobiles at coffee Aliso Viejo

Our favorite photos from Cars and Coffee in Aliso Viejo California.

Lamborghini Engine Assembly

Various Lamborghini engine projects, in and out

Ferrari Engine Assembly

Some of our past history


Our Past Work

Some of the vehicles we work on

Some of the extraordinary automobiles we’ve worked on over the years. Our private photographs in the United States and from Europe.


Automobili Italiani

Amazing photos from our time in Italy!

Not really considered special or exotic in Italy, Italians use these beauties for everything from daily driving to celebrations, and they’ll dress them up especially for weddings! Car shows are held at festivals industrial areas, (some of these photos were taken at metal recycling plant) anywhere they can slip them in! Don’t be surprised if there are treasures hiding in your neighbors garage, and if you need refreshments as you’re enjoying the local car show, the local vino ape is sure to roll by to help quench your thirst!

Massimo Mondino

30 + years repairing exotic cars!

Technician Massimo Mondino working on Ferrari, and various exotic cars through the years.