A very quiet Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo Aug 13th 2016 this week. There is construction (a new restaurant?) taking up a good chunk of the parking lot, or blocking at least the “spotlight” part of the parking lot, an area where many of the heavy hitters showcase their vehicles. This alone changed the vibe of our Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo, it just didn’t feel the same. Many people weren’t in attendance also due to the Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance this week.

However, even though it felt a little smaller and perhaps a little less glamorous, both these changes are temporary and things should go back to normal in the next few weeks. Nevertheless, there were a lot of little delightful details to keep us busy,  like cars with eyes, mini cars inside full-size cars, odd vehicles, a pure white poodle in a cherry red car, (They looked amazing!) and even antique costumes to go along with antique automobiles. Take a look at the gallery, we missed the poodle, though, he moved and blurred the shot!

One strange vehicle that resembled some kind of really long skate board…

So we wondered around a bit, took in the sights, said hello to the few diehards then called it. However, we did manage to get some colorful photos of the autos there and one strange vehicle that resembled some kind of really long skate board. We didn’t find out exactly what this thing was, but we’re guessing that if it’s at Cars and Coffee it probably isn’t slow and probably not for the faint of heart either!

This photographer’s favorite pic was the Mercedes kids car nestled inside it’s full sized parent. What a clever idea. Obviously, everyone in that family gets to ride in style!

Leah is a Founding Partner at ItalTech GT. She assumes the roles of Graphic Designer, Writer and Photographer among many other things and publishes about the daily life at ItalTech. After studying fine art at the University of New Mexico she found her passion on the web and has been living every aspect of it ever since.


LeahM said:

October 7, 2017 at 8:54 pm

I think a lot of C&Cs get closed down thanks to noise pollution caused by kids and their hotrods. However it’s still worth hosting the events we think, for as long as they last!

Wendy said:

September 6, 2017 at 10:14 pm

Vendetta Twin Turbo Huracan attending Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo The Vendetta Lambo’s first Cars and Coffee event in Aliso Viejo was a success!

msnindia said:

June 16, 2017 at 3:37 pm

Too many idiots attending now who feel the need to show off their p shitbox or plow their pony car through crowds and planters, causing property managers to pull out support for the meet and not allow future car events, thus ruining the scene for the enthusiasts that just want to meet and hang out.

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